Assessment of applications

Applications are scored based on six key areas.

  • Impact.
  • Technical solution
  • Market potential and commercial viability
  • Partners
  • Project plan, budget and risks
  • Additionality

Applications will be reviewed and scored by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and its partners.


Your project must be very likely to have a direct or indirect measurable impact on the environment and the reduction of poverty. It must also be potentially replicable. Further, you must demonstrate that the proposed project and the technology transfer will address genuine needs present in the project country.

We will also consider how well the project aligns with national, local, and Sida priorities relevant to the project country. Additional points will be awarded if the project will also help promote gender equality.

Note that any outcomes predicted in your application should be measurable, and that project performance will be monitored throughout the project period.

Technical Solution

The technology should be new to the country or context of use, but previously tested and sold in a different market. We look at how and why the technology differs from and is preferable to any solutions currently in use in the project country.

If possible, illustrate the benefits of your solution by including results from previous studies and projects relevant to the project country.

Market Potential and Commercial Viability

We will assess how well you have researched the technology’s market potential and the project’s sustainability after the project period. We will also assess the project’s potential for replication and scalability, as well as your plan for communicating any new knowledge that is gained during the project.


The project must be developed and implemented by a partnership involving at least two partners: A Buyer and a Seller. Both parties must have a proven interest and capacity to see the project through.

Project plan, Budget and Risks

We will consider the feasibility of your project plan’s activities, budget and timeframe. Other important factors are the project’s cost effectiveness and how clearly you have stated how an awarded grant would be used. We will also review your assessment of internal and external risks and your plans for overcoming them, and estimate any risks related to your co-financing.


You must show that your project is unlikely to be carried out in the planned way, timeframe, or scope if you are not awarded a grant from Demo Environment.

Decision process

Submitted applications will be processed within two- three months of the application deadline. All grant decisions are made by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) in consultation with Sida and other partners.

Applicants will be informed of our decisions regarding their applications, and a list of grants awarded will be published at this website, here for planning grants and here for demonstration grants.

Because of the large number of applications received, we may not be able to provide detailed feedback on your application.