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Hello Linda Kokkola, COO Watersprint!

Linda Kokkola, COO Watersprint

LInda Kokkola, COO Watersprint

Watersprint received funding from Demo Environment to explore the market in Bolivia for their water purification technology, Watersprint Purify Go Unit. The grant was used to develop an understanding of local conditions and to perform a market feasibility study.

What was the main achievements with the project that you can share with others?

We established a trust relation with a local Bolivian partner, got a good understanding of the market and got local tests done with our products. We have a follow-up plan and we are in contact on regular basis with our local partner. Business has not started in a bigger scale yet but we are working on it. It is looking quite promising.

Why did you choose to apply for funding from Demo Environment Programme?

We have a very interesting water disinfection product for the South American market which really could help people, could get a good partner in Bolivia via one of our consultants and the Demo Environment Programme had Bolivia as one of the target countries.