Smart Specialisation

Smart specialisation is about investing in what we can become best at to strengthen our future competitiveness. The Swedish Agency for Regional and Economic Growth supports Swedish regions in their work with Smart Specialisation.

Smart specialisation is a concept introduced by the European Commission. It can be described as a way of mobilising key stakeholders for innovation and growth in the areas where there is the greatest potential. An area can be a particular technology domain, part of a sector or solving a societal challenge.

The mobilisation requires close cooperation between different actors in a region (companies, public, academy and user groups) and between different levels of society, not least between the regional and national levels.

This is how we work

  • We support regions in their efforts to develop and implement strategies for smart specialisation.
  • We gather actors to exchange experiences and disseminate knowledge to stakeholders. As an example, we have organized three national conferences with smart specialisation in focus. We also conduct dialogue meetings with all regions and arrange networking meetings.
  • We promote cooperation between regions with complementary strengths and we support clusters within the framework of smart specialisation.

Swedish regional smart specialisation areas

An overview of Swedish regional smart specialisation areas. The data is gathered by interviews with regional representatives and is being updated continuously.