Women's entrepreneurship

Conditions for entrepreneurship are not equal for women and men who wants to start, run, lead and develop a business.

As a result, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, was tasked by the Swedish Government to promote women’s entrepreneurship in the period 2007–2014. In brief, the programme had the following themes:

  • Making business development more accessible to women who want to grow or start up a business or develop an idea.
  • Making women’s entrepreneurship and leadership more possible in the future, for example by developing entrepreneurship at universities and higher education institutions and promoting the Golden Rules of Leadership.
  • Make women’s entrepreneurship and its importance to the economy more visible, for example through ambassadors for women’s entrepreneurship and by developing facts, statistics and knowledge about women’s entrepreneurship.

The purpose of the programme

  • stimulate growth and promote competitiveness and innovation in Swedish industry through more businesses being run and developed by women.
    • in consultation with business promotion stakeholders and government agencies develop a national strategy for how women and men can avail themselves of business promotion efforts on equal terms.

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